Frank Portelli begged Simon Busuttil to stay on as PN leader even as he was filing his nomination for the post

2017-09-11T17:23:31+02:00Mon, 11th Sep '17, 17:23|

Frank Portelli, erstwhile PN leadership candidate, is all over Facebook teaching us all a lesson in party loyalty and unity after losing an electoral race. He shows us how it should be done by firing grape-shot in the general direction of anyone he dislikes in the process hitting innocent bystanders like there’s no tomorrow. In [...]

Redefining urgency. Redefining justice.

2017-09-11T12:40:09+02:00Mon, 11th Sep '17, 12:40|

We have come to accept as inevitable the interminable twists of court procedures which we are told exist to ensure justice where expediency and swiftness would suppress it. But sometimes it’s just a joke. The long-winded case on whether evidence of crimes presented to the courts connecting our senior politicians to the Panama revelations, ought [...]

Anger and argument

2017-09-11T10:29:08+02:00Mon, 11th Sep '17, 10:29|

I remember when radio stations were first liberalised in Malta. I remember Michael Frendo piloting the law through parliament. Eons ago now. But there was another eon that had just ended when the Nationalist Party was hounded like a para-military organisation on suspicion of possessing equipment it could use to communicate without the regime eavesdropping. [...]

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