Invisibility cloak

2017-09-06T15:18:53+02:00Wed, 6th Sep '17, 15:18|

The passport scheme is a pet hate for me: for reasons of principle, because I cannot conceive how citizenship can have a price tag; for reasons of reputation, because our European friends and allies are rightly annoyed about the implications on them of our little bargain sale; for reasons of social justice, because property prices [...]

Cracks in Malta’s property boom – Italian expats publication

2017-09-06T14:19:09+02:00Wed, 6th Sep '17, 14:19|

See this editorial of the Corriere di Malta, an Italian language website for expats living here. The publication has expressed doubts about the sustainability of the growth of Malta’s properties for some time now. But they are taking their editorial concerns up a notch with this commentary, particularly now that it is witnessing quirky policy [...]

Life membership: what does that even mean?

2017-09-06T09:53:02+02:00Wed, 6th Sep '17, 09:53|

To be a member of the PN one must be a Maltese citizen of at least 16 years of age and accept the statute and the discipline of the party. There’s a safety clause in the statute that also requires a party member to be approved by the party’s executive committee or an official delegated [...]

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