Take out the trash day

2017-09-16T18:34:43+02:00Sat, 16th Sep '17, 18:34|

There’s no better day for the government to bury bad news than the leadership election in the opposition party. It is indeed remarkable than in the midst of election day, the PN found the presence of mind and the focus to not let Konrad Mizzi’s quite horrific threat to Air Malta employees pass without comment. [...]

Truth. Always.

2017-09-16T15:02:33+02:00Sat, 16th Sep '17, 15:02|

Daphne Caruana Galizia wrote that Adrian Delia’s law partnership with Georg Sapiano earns money from billing porn. Her words were “Delia and Sapiano run the CCBill porn-billing operation in Malta, for which they bill Ron Cadwell heavily. This website was unable to discover whether Cadwell/CCBill pays them outside Malta or whether they keep a percentage [...]

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