G Farrugia Calleja: And we’re back

2018-01-08T20:32:12+01:00Mon, 8th Jan '18, 20:32|

I'm back from family holidays. George Farrugia Calleja is back from his flu: Sorry about the absence over the holiday period, but lying face up in my cot trying to ward off the worst of the flu wasn’t conducive to penetrating analysis. All’s well now, thank you for asking. Thankfully, I didn’t need to go [...]

The conversation

2018-01-08T15:46:36+01:00Mon, 8th Jan '18, 15:46|

We need to talk. We need more people to remember the significance of facts when discussing argument. More people need to think more about the importance of basic decency. We need to be reminded of the proper order of things: that politics is a service not a call to faith. More of us need to [...]

Guest Post: Starting 2018

2018-01-08T15:24:40+01:00Mon, 8th Jan '18, 15:24|

The guest author is known to me. It is surreal to think that as we enter 2018 we should be on the verge of a general election after the Labour Government's first term of 5 years in office.... a general election in which in a normal democracy the Government of the day and the Opposition [...]

We need to talk

2018-01-08T12:52:27+01:00Mon, 8th Jan '18, 12:52|

The milestone of a new year is an excuse for turning a fresh page. It is an odd superstition of our times that we spend the last week of December expressing anger at the ending year for killing elderly rock-stars or inflicting some other perceived injury to us. And we do so as we raise [...]

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