There is no culture if there is no humanity

2018-01-20T20:08:04+01:00Sat, 20th Jan '18, 20:08|

This is also Valletta tonight. In the midst of all the glare, the noise, the stalinist rhetoric, the self-congratulation, the submissive adulation, the uniform compliance, the bonapartless bonapartism, the contracts, the nudges and the winks, the cross-party complicity, the historical revisionism, the memory-wiping, the forced smiles, the pretense that all is well when obviously all [...]

The inequalities of l-aqwa żmien

2018-01-20T18:48:55+01:00Sat, 20th Jan '18, 18:48|

Look at this post from the realty agents Simon Estates following up on a inews story on people paying 250 euro a month in rent to live in an underground garage. It's not that real estate agents are meant to be heartless profiteers without conscience. But one would expect them to be the last to [...]

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