Trusting the Force

2018-01-27T21:13:07+01:00Sat, 27th Jan '18, 21:13|

Not a Jedi moment. The episode this week of a police officer caught smuggling people in breach of border rules at the airport is an inevitable warning. It is also an inevitable consequence. The government's decision to engage, promote and re-instate people with criminal records in the police force was never a good idea. There [...]

Strasbourg journalists protection platform lists Cyprus arrest warrant on Pilatus whistleblower as threat to media freedom

2018-01-27T16:11:25+01:00Sat, 27th Jan '18, 16:11|

The Council of Europe's platform for the protection of journalists and media freedom raised an alert of a "state act having chilling affects on media freedom" after Cyprus issues an arrest warrant on Maria Efimova after a complaint from a former employer. An alert on the Council of Europe's platforms is raised when a partner [...]

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