We need to talk.

We need more people to remember the significance of facts when discussing argument. More people need to think more about the importance of basic decency. We need to be reminded of the proper order of things: that politics is a service not a call to faith. More of us need to revive our atrophied critical skills.

Paradoxically we need to think less in herds, but as individuals we must think more of the needs of the many above the needs of the few, or the one.

In ourselves we need to overcome defeatism, despondency, dejection and despair.

We need to overcome cynicism and haughty delusions of superiority.

We need to live with the slander of hypocrisy and the accusation of wide-eyed idealism.

But we must not compromise our convictions.

We must absorb yet another paradox. As we engage with more people we need to remain just as grounded in our few basic certainties.

Yes we need to walk out of our echo chamber and communicate more widely. But we should not underestimate just how far this conversation has already come.

Since this blog started a few months ago, 217,998 individual users have visited manueldelia.com 1,017,510 times viewing 3,541,125 pages between them. In these few months readers viewed 520 individual posts, commenting 5,436 times.

It’s a small conversation but it’s real. And it’s growing.

Thank you for visiting. And for sharing. For commenting. For guest posting.

Thank you for the information and suggestions you’ve sent me.

Let’s keep this going. We need to talk.