GUEST POST: A successful year for traitors

2018-01-17T10:35:45+01:00Wed, 17th Jan '18, 10:35|

By Benjamin Dalli of activist NGO Awturi: Government cronies have been praising the past year as a year of successes. I’d like to know what they’re smoking. It would be a lie to say the government did not have a road map. Saying otherwise would undermine the power of Joseph Muscat’s budding cult regime. Naturally, [...]

Not Joseph’s best day

2018-01-17T10:33:49+01:00Wed, 17th Jan '18, 10:19|

Canadian Professor Marc Edge recently reviewed for Newsbook Joseph Muscat's performance on the BBC Newsnight interview with John Sweeney. He said he was shocked by the appalling performance. Anyone outside the country not wearing the blinkers that fit us so tightly here, will have found Malta's prime minister untrustworthy. And that's being nice. Marc Edge [...]

The Cyprus connection

2018-01-17T09:21:56+01:00Wed, 17th Jan '18, 09:21| (not the printed paper) this morning reports: “arrest warrant for Russian whistleblower issued in Cyprus – reports. She is being accused of stealing from a company she worked for four years ago”. The Times is covering a piece on the Cyprus Business Mail though it does not link to it. The link is here. [...]

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