More Buttardi oddities

2018-01-24T23:08:51+01:00Wed, 24th Jan '18, 22:39|

Yesterday I reported how an online business that appears to be dormant,, is reported on Zoominfo to generate revenues of 2.4 million US dollars. This would be suspicious for any tax authority in any case, but is especially problematic since Buttardi clearly belongs, at least in part, to Michelle Muscat, the prime minister's wife, [...]

UK Commons motion marks 100 days since Daphne Caruana Galizia killing: calls for international oversight

2018-01-24T20:02:14+01:00Wed, 24th Jan '18, 10:21|

Worldwide calls for international oversight of the investigations into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia are coming from every direction now. The UK House of Commons is considering a motion tabled by 4 MPs from 4 different political parties that "urges the international community to ensure full oversight of the investigation". The MPs tabling the [...]

Is Buttardi still in business?

2018-01-24T00:15:45+01:00Wed, 24th Jan '18, 00:15|

On-line and retail jeweller Buttardi, reputedly co-owned by the prime minister’s wife Michelle Muscat and her partner Michelle Buttigieg, appears unwilling to sell any of its produce. Their main means of commerce is website The site’s own credits say it was designed in 2012 and it does look like it comes from another internet [...]

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