Don’t let them intimidate you

2018-01-11T22:36:28+01:00Thu, 11th Jan '18, 22:36|

Vitals Global Healthcare, that according to Minister Konrad Mizzi no longer owns three of our hospitals and according to itself is still considering whether to sell them, has today issued a warning to its employees: 'Do not speak to the press. If the press speak to you, everything goes to head office. Do not answer [...]

Did we need to be told?

2018-01-11T21:56:44+01:00Thu, 11th Jan '18, 21:56|

The European Parliament's mission's interim report, available here (1143312EN), and summarised painstakingly by  The Times here is not a victory for anyone. It is a formalised humiliation; a collective indictment charging us for not knowing how to run our own affairs, for needing outsiders like those nasty royal commissions the British used to send here to [...]

Traitors and artful dodgers

2018-01-11T16:58:33+01:00Thu, 11th Jan '18, 16:58|

This is such a weird country. Within the same news cycle when the civil rights minister waxes melodramatic in parliament about a junior ombudsman stepping out of line, Tony Zarb warns international journalists to look away from Malta and brands anyone speaking to them – yours truly included – traitors. And to top it all [...]

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