MONEY MAGAZINE: Designing fairness

2019-03-14T15:30:21+01:00Thu, 14th Mar '19, 15:30|

Here's my article in this month's Money Magazine: Business does not ask much from politics. That is a space where less is indeed more. Too much politics and it becomes harder to take decisions as goal posts shift and it becomes harder to predict what laws the business will need to be obeying a year [...]

WATCH: Repubblika’s 17 Black Seminar

2019-03-14T10:33:58+01:00Thu, 14th Mar '19, 10:33|

Last week Repubblika hosted a seminar delivered by Godfrey Leone Ganado on the 17 Black scandal providing insight into money laundering and bribery schemes and answering questions from participants. You can watch the full seminar here.

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