DW: Malta in the eye of the financial tempest

2019-03-25T16:47:34+01:00Mon, 25th Mar '19, 16:47|

One more report that reminds Edward Scicluna that the Panama scandal and the shame brought on to our country by a government that protects politicians exposed by it, is not yet "history". It is still news. Remarkably this DW report actually remembers the now famed Edward Scicluna quote. It's one of those lines that is [...]

Bring out the usual suspect

2019-03-26T00:12:10+01:00Mon, 25th Mar '19, 16:33|

Adrian Delia and his team, that as far as can be ascertained is now chaired by Pierre Portelli assisted by Pierre Portelli and includes Pierre Portelli, Pierre Portelli and Pierre Portelli with Pierre Portelli as secretary — a bit like that zany scene from Being John Malkovich — are managing the current umpteenth crisis as [...]

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