If you’re looking for a place in Brussels

2019-03-11T14:48:36+01:00Mon, 11th Mar '19, 14:48|

It’s not beneath the dignity of this website to provide a little free advertising as long as it amounts to public service of course. Marlene Mizzi is looking to rent out her Brussels apartment now her time as MEP is drawing to a close. She gave first dibs to other incumbent MEPs presumably in case [...]

Stick to poetry maybe?

2019-03-11T12:08:52+01:00Mon, 11th Mar '19, 12:08|

Adrian Delia tweeted this morning after going to court. He went to fight one of his Monday morning battles because, he says, "we must restore the imbalance of power". What's wrong with the imbalance we have now? You have one job.

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