THE SUNDAY TIMES: ‘Papers Please’

2019-03-03T08:11:55+01:00Sun, 3rd Mar '19, 08:11|

From my article of today in The Sunday Times: "This ‘legal standing’ issue has become a convenient way the government can ride roughshod over citizens’ rights. It may be inhibited by human rights law to suppress the rights of an individual, but it cannot be stopped in suppressing the rights of large numbers of people [...]

TG2 Storie: Giustizia per Daphne

2019-03-03T05:53:05+01:00Sun, 3rd Mar '19, 05:53|

TG2's weekly news magazine yesterday ran a feature by Gabriele Lo Bello marking 500 days since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. You can watch the feature on this link. Scroll to 08:35 to start the Malta segment of the show.

Repubblika on how to reform the Constitution

2019-03-03T05:25:26+01:00Sun, 3rd Mar '19, 05:25|

Statement by Repubblika: Repubblika has submitted written recommendations to the President of Malta and the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reform on the process that should be adopted when considering and approving Constitutional changes. The recommendations include brief references to case studies of successful and failed constitutional initiatives in other countries that provide lessons that should [...]

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