Dance off

2019-02-28T11:06:12+01:00Thu, 28th Feb '19, 11:06|

Times of Malta filed it under their “Odd News” section. But is it really that odd? Maria Efimova tweeted a short clip of herself and two other women dancing and challenging Joseph Muscat to a dance-off. “I challenge you to a dance battle,” she said. “Whoever loses, owns Egrant.” @JosephMuscat_JM, I challenge you to a [...]

500 days

2019-02-28T08:30:25+01:00Thu, 28th Feb '19, 08:30|

Statement by #Reżistenza After 500 days, the masterminds still enjoy impunity and power Five hundred days after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the masterminds of her murder are still amongst us, enjoying impunity and power. No journalist has ever been murdered for a lie he said. Journalists have always been assassinated in revenge to [...]

EU Commission finds “limited progress” in Malta’s fight against corruption, money laundering

2019-02-27T17:24:52+01:00Wed, 27th Feb '19, 17:24|

The European Commission has criticised the Maltese government for not taking significant steps to fight corruption. In its periodic country report on Malta published today, the European Commission complained the police are understaffed and the permanent commission against corruption is unable to act independently and effectively because of flaws in its structure. The Commission noted [...]

Jason Azzopardi’s statement

2019-02-27T16:04:51+01:00Wed, 27th Feb '19, 16:04|

Jason Azzopardi issued this statement through the PN earlier today. “Last Friday evening I collected my correspondence as I normally do from the reception desk at the PN headquarters. The correspondence included a white envelope that looks like it was mailed in Germany. “When I got home I opened my correspondence including this envelope. The [...]

Too much information

2019-02-27T15:10:23+01:00Wed, 27th Feb '19, 15:10|

Here’s another one that is brewing. Our ballot sheets will be counted electronically soon. Agents of political parties will no longer stand behind a transparent sheet of thudding perspex breathing down the necks of officials paid to look for the next number on the ballot sheet and dumping it in the relevant pigeon hole. Instead, [...]

It could happen to you

2019-02-27T09:25:24+01:00Wed, 27th Feb '19, 09:25|

One of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s lines that keeps coming to mind is the one when she said you will corruption everywhere, in every country at every level. What’s specifically Maltese is that here “the attitude to corruption is corrupt”. You can draw a straight line from that attitude to the Maltese attitude to civil liberties. [...]

Prosecutions start in India against tax dodgers who set up companies in Malta

2019-02-26T20:17:07+01:00Tue, 26th Feb '19, 20:17|

The Indian Finance Ministry is starting the first prosecutions against Indians found to have set up off-shore companies undeclared to the Indian tax authorities discovered by the Paradise Papers. The November 2017 leaks by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists discovered companies incorporated in several jurisdictions including Malta. The Indian Express has reported that a [...]

The memory of water

2019-02-26T17:18:40+01:00Tue, 26th Feb '19, 16:12|

A few days ago I wrote about a decision by Consuelo Scerri Herrera who is now the last word on cases appealed by people convicted by lower courts. That article was about the case of Charles Le Brun acquitted on appeal for pocketing VAT collected from his customers on the basis of a technicality, not even [...]

Ihre Papiere, bitte

2019-02-26T13:08:03+01:00Tue, 26th Feb '19, 12:49|

It’s a cliche of WWII movies. But in those two words — ‘Papers Please’ — is the power of the State to disrespect individuals, interrogate them not on the basis of a reasonable suspicion because of any of their actions but for being there and looking the way they do, invade their privacy, humiliate them, [...]

Reputational elephants

2019-02-26T10:24:15+01:00Tue, 26th Feb '19, 08:59|

Reading the Times of Malta coverage (see below) of the conference organised by bankers and finserv intermediaries yesterday really made my blood boil. It’s perhaps why I can never work the beat and cover these events sitting quietly in the back taking notes. There’s the classic line of Edward Scicluna who may know a thing [...]

Joseph Muscat to Socialists: “Move away from social justice, equality and such things”

2019-02-25T14:51:38+01:00Mon, 25th Feb '19, 13:50|

Read this interview with Joseph Muscat on Politico.  At first, you might think it’s a narrow tactical debate for the European Socialists in which Joseph Muscat butts with a centrist, perhaps slightly right of centre inclusive strategy. The context is quite straightforward. Socialists in Europe are trailing in many countries and they are losing the [...]

Salvu Ellul family “supplies illegal tuna to Spain” — report

2019-02-26T06:55:37+01:00Mon, 25th Feb '19, 13:14|

Note: An earlier version of this story reported that MFF is part of the Elbros Group. This is incorrect. Saviour Ellul has separated from the Elbros Group before the occurrences described in this report. A follow-up report in Spanish investigative journalism website El Confidencial points the fingers at MFF Ltd, a part of Saviour Ellul’s [...]

That bacchanal was in the chapel of the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malta

2019-02-23T14:10:24+01:00Sat, 23rd Feb '19, 14:09|

It's not just that Joseph Muscat was letting his hair, such as it is, down. That video of a debauched circle jerk which I uploaded earlier was filmed inside the chapel of the Girgenti Palace, the official summer residence of the Prime Minister intended for formal state occasions. Michelle Muscat, who redefines the meaning of [...]

Involuntary committal

2019-02-22T14:08:42+01:00Fri, 22nd Feb '19, 14:08|

Mario Portelli, chief witness in the trial that acquitted David Gatt in an organised crime trial two years ago, has uploaded a video on his Facebook profile earlier today that appears to show him being arrested by the police to be committed to the mental institution. In his video, Mario Portelli claims that the [...]

LISTEN: Come to Malta! We’ll see what we can do!

2019-02-22T14:00:41+01:00Fri, 22nd Feb '19, 14:00|

Listen to this brilliant half hour of comedy at Malta's expense. Mark Steele's BBC series of send-ups of towns and cities made a stop in Malta for its broadcast yesterday. Brilliantly done and will be nice to watch the squirming of xenophobes like the Alfred Sants of this country, that speak of "foreigners" as if [...]

Consuelo Herrera strikes again

2019-02-22T08:52:37+01:00Fri, 22nd Feb '19, 08:52|

The case of a businessman who collected almost €90,000 of VAT and pocketed it instead of passing it to the taxman is another shocking indicator of the collapse our law enforcement and justice system. Judge Consuelo Scerri Herrera has this week let the gentleman concerned, Charles Le Brun, walk away free and keep the money [...]

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