Pelin Ünker to speak at Saturday’s vigil

2019-03-13T19:56:54+01:00Wed, 13th Mar '19, 19:53|

Statement by Repubblika: Repubblika announces that a protest vigil is called for Saturday 16 March at 18:30 to call for Truth and Justice seventeen months since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The vigil will be held in front of the Law Courts in Great Siege Square, Valletta. The vigil will be addressed by Turkish [...]

For crying out loud

2019-03-13T19:25:44+01:00Wed, 13th Mar '19, 19:25|

In what universe is this acceptable? Does this sort of thing really help people choose who to vote for? In a way the candidate intends, I mean. With all that's wrong with Edward Scicluna -- and plenty is -- does this make anyone feel they can't wait for Kristy Debono to become Finance Minister?

‘The ultimate secular crime’

2019-03-13T07:02:41+01:00Wed, 13th Mar '19, 07:02|

What Jason Azzopardi revealed in Parliament last night is a new level of nightmare. And yet, when our eyes flicker open in the cold light of day, we’ll brush off this experience and wash away the unease we feel about what has just happened. Every week a new low is reached for civil rights in [...]

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