“Constitution is the people’s” — Sunday Times editorial

2019-03-10T15:47:47+01:00Sun, 10th Mar '19, 15:47|

Please do read The Sunday Times's editorial of today about the secrecy with which Constitutional reforms are being debated behind closed doors by a committee made of representatives of the PN and the PL. The heading says it all. The Editor is rightly concerned that so far, apart from political parties, only Repubblika has shown [...]

Let’s go back to Damascus

2019-03-10T15:34:52+01:00Sun, 10th Mar '19, 15:34|

He’s gone full circle now. He started out by arguing the PN was obsessive about corruption because Daphne Caruana Galizia had taken possession of the party. Under her spell and the feeble leadership of Simon Busuttil, the PN had lost touch with ‘the bread and butter issues’. The party had become too negative. It had [...]

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