How high is high?

2019-09-10T16:49:04+02:00Tue, 10th Sep '19, 16:49|

The good news is the last passengers stranded on the Alan Kurdi are being allowed to come ashore. They will be relocated "immediately", the Maltese government said, though that could mean several months locked up in a hot and wet cage ostensibly for medical tests while the immediate takes its time to materialise. The way [...]

Some kind of movie star

2019-09-10T16:32:07+02:00Tue, 10th Sep '19, 16:32|

With some relief, we learn Helena Dalli will not be made Commissioner for Justice. She is being proposed instead as Commissioner for Equality. As Politico put it this morning, she’ll “hopefully be less trouble than the last person called Dalli to be a commissioner”.

Dying to live

2019-09-10T12:27:57+02:00Tue, 10th Sep '19, 12:04|

Reuters’ Darrin Zammit Lupi is out at sea on the Alan Kurdi. He tweeted yesterday that Malta’s armed forces are only evacuating passengers from the rescue boat if they become suicidal. Three more minors, all suicidal, were evacuated by AFM from the #AlanKurdi in the early hours of this morning. According to #Seaeye doctor, the [...]

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