Pick that bottle up

2019-09-08T08:56:32+02:00Sun, 8th Sep '19, 08:56|

As it turns out the PN had more planned for yesterday than just a conference to discuss the Sette Giugno riots to try to deflect attention from the protest that Moviment Graffitti led. Adrian Delia and the handful of students that will be taking over the MŻPN, replacing an older guard that was unwilling to [...]

GUEST POST: Prepare for landing

2019-09-08T08:25:02+02:00Sun, 8th Sep '19, 08:24|

This flight is like any other flight. Due to the frequent travel required by my employer, flying is an experience nearly as normal as riding in a car. The routines are the same. The speeches given by crew differ little between airlines, whether domestic or international. Yes, this flight is like any other, until it [...]

It’s not even funny

2019-09-08T08:10:10+02:00Sun, 8th Sep '19, 08:10|

Reports that Helena Dalli is lined up to be Europe’s commissioner for justice are a black joke, to borrow a phrase. You could take it for granted that Joseph Muscat would nominate an ally to the commission. As he prepares for his exit from Castille, he needs as many friends in high places as could [...]

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