GUEST POST: Egrant Revisited

2019-08-21T08:22:57+02:00Wed, 21st Aug '19, 08:22|

For legal reasons we remind readers that the quotes in this piece are wholly imaginary. When the investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia first hinted that there had been a breach of security at Mossack Fonseca, the conversation must have gone something like this: JM: “This is serious but lets’ wait and see how much is [...]

INTERVIEW: The man who came in from Baku (2)

2019-08-19T11:08:28+02:00Tue, 20th Aug '19, 10:57|

Part 2 Hello John! Got a New Visa? An Interview with the AUM’s John Ryder This is the second part of Lizzie Eldrige's series based on a 2 hour recorded interview with Professor John Ryder, recently retired Provost of the American University of Malta. Part 1 is here. Funny how things happen by chance, isn’t [...]

Who’s the Sisyphus?

2019-08-20T09:41:53+02:00Tue, 20th Aug '19, 09:41|

Whenever someone pops in from the outside to look at what’s happening in this country, we are reminded we’re not entirely mad. Because sometimes that’s how they make you feel.  Last Friday Ann De Marco proudly outed herself as the woman responsible to restore the Daphne Caruana Galizia protest site in the Great Siege Square [...]

The PN’s deputy leader sent me a message

2019-08-19T11:24:19+02:00Mon, 19th Aug '19, 11:24|

I got this now from Robert Arrigo. He sure works hard on his location scouting. Montekristo Estates. Seabank Hotel. I suppose Robert Musumeci would call these 'moral integers'. As opposed to moral fractions? Moral decimals? Moral percentiles?

INTERVIEW: The man who came in from Baku (1)

2019-08-19T10:57:09+02:00Mon, 19th Aug '19, 10:56|

An Interview with the AUM’s John Ryder Part 1 This series of articles by Lizzie Eldrige is based on a 2 hour recorded interview with Professor John Ryder, recently retired Provost of the American University of Malta. The interview was conducted on 23rd July 2019.                 Imagine you [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: In praise of the PN

2019-08-18T07:59:42+02:00Sun, 18th Aug '19, 07:59|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The sophistry that Hermann Schiavone’s actions were not illegal is familiar. We get it all the time as the central justification of the snorting at the trough that Labour has developed into a system of government. "But is that not the point of ethics, to judge between [...]

An attack on democracy

2019-08-17T16:17:38+02:00Sat, 17th Aug '19, 16:17|

Repubblika statement. Repubblika expresses its renewed sadness and frustration at photographs of private individuals who last night vandalised mementos left by protesters in Great Siege Square, Valletta, 22 months to the day after the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The vandals mocked, destroyed and trashed photographs of Daphne Caruana Galizia and a protest banner that [...]

Mommy must be so proud

2019-08-17T04:24:10+02:00Sat, 17th Aug '19, 04:21|

A short time after last night's vigil someone on Robert Musumeci's mission to remind the HTT (holier than though for those of you not entirely au fait with the avukat-perit's lingo) how objectionable the politics of hate is, went up to the protest site in Great Siege Square to tear down a picture of Daphne [...]

The rightful Invicta

2019-08-17T04:15:54+02:00Sat, 17th Aug '19, 04:15|

Statement by #occupyjustice: #OccupyJustice activists this evening commemorated 22 months since the assassination of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia by unfurling a banner featuring an image of the journalist with the legend ‘Invicta’ at the Great Siege Monument in Valletta. ‘Invicta’, meaning ‘unconquered’, is also the inspiration for Invictus, a poem by English poet William Ernest Henley. [...]

It is a sad day when Malta’s President publishes a statement that distorts facts – Repubblika

2019-08-09T13:37:57+02:00Fri, 9th Aug '19, 13:37|

This is a statement by Repubblika: The President’s statement of today is appalling on so many counts. Firstly, it is wrong on facts. Repubblika indeed sent President George Vella a letter on 15th March to his private residence informing him of our submissions to his predecessor Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, then still in office. In [...]

GUEST POST: Comparing PL and PN accounts (2)

2019-08-07T09:40:34+02:00Thu, 8th Aug '19, 09:35|

Continues from yesterday's piece by Godfrey Leone Ganado who looks at the financial statements filed by the Labour and Nationalist parties under electoral law … and pokes his fingers in the many holes. The comparative analysis is based on the accounts submitted to the Electoral Commission in accordance with the Financing of the Political Parties [...]

“It’s all legal”

2019-08-07T15:32:04+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 15:32|

Ever so often it’s time to bring this picture up again. This time it’s about pezzonovante Engelbert Grech who used to be Film Commissioner — that’s the government agency that promotes the film industry — and now in the private business of providing production services for international film producers. In this photo of our very [...]


2019-08-07T15:02:58+02:00Wed, 7th Aug '19, 15:02|

Some really weird things are happening around the case of Darren Debono. The authorities of Italy and the United States are after him. But he seems to be chasing the Maltese authorities rather than the other way round. In Italy, he’s being tried for fuel smuggling after the Dirty Oil investigation by the Italian authorities [...]