Who’s the man?

2019-09-09T17:01:45+02:00Mon, 9th Sep '19, 17:00|

That was quite a cringe-fest on the Sunday Circle yesterday. It’s the magazine that came out with The Sunday Times and that showed 5 pictures of Ian Castaldi Paris beaming like he’s just lost his virginity. Five times. Ostensibly this cover story of the Sunday Circle is an interview with “the man behind the professional”. [...]

Servant of God

2019-09-09T13:55:21+02:00Mon, 9th Sep '19, 13:55|

(Father) David Muscat is becoming the lead spokesman of Malta’s neo-Nazi party, the Imperium Europa. For the 8th September holiday, he led a delegation of the party founded by Norman Lowell at the Great Siege Memorial and “addressed” his audience, such as it was, wearing his off-duty priestly Sunday best and folding a rosary in [...]

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