It does not matter that it’s in Dutch

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How many of these documentaries must we see before more of us realise that the passport sales scheme is going to sink this country? The editorial of The Sunday Times today calls for the scheme to be scrapped. Adrian Delia yesterday called for the scheme to be scrapped. Daphne Caruana Galizia called for the scheme [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The right to be free

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From my article in The Sunday Times today:   "Let me translate pizzo to ‘silent partner’, and then things will feel more familiar. "In hushed whispers, many will admit that there are sectors of our economy that are not open to all that may be interested. And for those that are allowed in, there’s an [...]

GUEST POST: On not practising what is preached – Reflections on the EU commissioner’s nomination

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Sent in by someone known to me: On a popular current affairs discussion RAI programme, a prominent political person asked the rhetorical question: “Si deve chiedere se Malta veramente e un paese del UE o no.” The body language of both the interviewer and his guest to that question was in the negative. Because Malta [...]

GUEST SERIES: Pandora’s Box (3)

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This series started out as an investigation into the American University of Malta based on an interview with an ex- staff member who was part of the mass firings. [See When Is a University Not a University] However, it soon opened out on to the wider landscape of corruption saturating Malta. Part 1 of this [...]

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