Didn’t the government say they were consulting the Council of Europe about the Daphne inquiry?

2019-09-30T16:34:28+02:00Mon, 30th Sep '19, 16:34|

Were they consulting the deputy assistant latrine attendant of the anteroom to the staff kitchen? They sure were not consulting the Legal and Human Rights Committee of the Council, or the special rapporteur first appointed by that Committee and then confirmed by the Parliamentary Assembly. We know that because today Pieter Omtzigt reported to the [...]

Unheeded warnings

2019-09-30T07:54:13+02:00Mon, 30th Sep '19, 07:54|

We should have known better. All those lawyers and accountants who went into this should have known better. We all should have known that something based on a lie would get us into trouble. The sale of citizenship scheme was sold by Joseph Muscat as a magnet for talent. But even as he said that [...]

Bankink alone in the dark

2019-09-30T05:45:51+02:00Mon, 30th Sep '19, 05:45|

Antoine Zammit, for a couple of months the chief financial officer of the nationalist party, is an easy target. The home-made video of him explaining to his clients how to get their bootleg TV connection to access porn has split sides all afternoon yesterday. Before the day was out, he was made to resign. Don’t [...]

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