How many of these documentaries must we see before more of us realise that the passport sales scheme is going to sink this country? The editorial of The Sunday Times today calls for the scheme to be scrapped. Adrian Delia yesterday called for the scheme to be scrapped. Daphne Caruana Galizia called for the scheme to be scrapped before it was rolled out.

Watch this Dutch documentary. Most of the interviews are in English anyway. This is not a documentary ‘of the envious’. It’s an investigation that looks into a specific case of someone — Pavel Melnikov — who is believed to have used a Maltese passport for criminal activity.

There’s also the story of Dimitry Kochenov the Dutch Professor hired by our government to advise them that the requirement in our own law that someone has to have lived here for a year before applying for a Maltese passport does not actually mean that they need to ever be present here.

We all understand the concept of legal fiction. Dimitry Kochenov’s fiction defies the fundamentals of the physical universe. Of course you’ll find out that he’s in bed with Henley & Partners.

Do watch the documentary through to be able to watch the interview with Dimitry Kochenov (it’s in English). On this man rests the credibility of our government’s claim that it is complying with its own law.

We’re living a lie.

This is Malta’s shame. We must confront it if we are to overcome it. We can’t continue to be indifferent. Even if it’s in Dutch.