There are quite a few mourners for the disgraced Joseph Muscat’s eventual departure from the prime minister’s office. Some are quite funny actually but I’m hardly in the mood for jokes. Maybe I’ll see the funny side when he actually leaves if he ever does. Castille is looking more and more like Hotel California.

But here’s one mourner worth noting.



Note the hashtags.

Next I’m going to quote Mr Schembri’s biography on the website of the Registry of Companies where he works.

“Andrew Schembri is the Head of the Compliance and Enforcement Unit at the Malta Business Registry. Andrew is qualified in Banking and Finance with almost 11 years’ experience in the finance sector. He started his career at the Registry of Companies when it was still part of the Malta Financial Services Authority as Desk Officer. At the Malta Business Registry, he is responsible to ensure that companies are compliant with the regulations emanating out of the Companies Act and issue penalties accordingly. He is also responsible to oversee independent investigations and act on matters related to enforcement and compliance.”

Can you see what’s wrong here? This rabid partisan, who unlike many people who voted Labour all their life, cannot see that Joseph Muscat’s web of corruption has thrown the reputation of our country into the pits is responsible to conduct “independent investigations”. He couldn’t be independent if he tried. He couldn’t “act on matters related to enforcement and compliance” even if he wanted to. He writes this slavish hero worship of the mastermind of the worst corruption Malta has ever experienced without regard to his responsibilities as an “independent” regulator.

With people like this we can never hope to have regulators properly enforcing the law without fear or favour. We cannot hope to start cleaning up.

Joseph Muscat may eventually leave office. But likely Andrew Schembri will outlast him and the mafia that has gripped this country will live on using the structures of our state (including of course the Companies Registry) to fool us all into thinking this country belongs to us.

Sometimes I wish I took the blue pill.