It’s not a diseased system. The system is the disease.

2019-12-20T18:23:17+01:00Fri, 20th Dec '19, 18:23|

I’m not going to join the bandwagon of the shocked and disappointed. Ivan Camilleri was thrown out of The Times because his former employer has reason to believe Ivan Camilleri used information he became aware of at work and tipped off Yorgen Fenech that the police were after him for Daphne’s murder. Shock, disappointment and [...]

GUEST POST: Why Egrant matters

2019-12-20T18:14:57+01:00Fri, 20th Dec '19, 18:05|

When soon-to-be (but not soon enough) ex-PM Joseph Muscat had done his snivelling big-girl’s blouse act after he had published the conclusions of Magistrate, now Judge, Bugeja’s report on the ownership of Egrant Inc, many were signally unimpressed. You see, when a judicial officer uses words, these are used with precision (and quite a bit [...]

No regrets?

2019-12-20T10:05:46+01:00Fri, 20th Dec '19, 10:05|

Chris Cardona is saying the Labour Party should kick out Keith Schembri now. Presumably because he lost his phone? Because you'd have to wonder what changed now. A lot of people need to trace back what they've said about Keith Schembri even very recently. These are Robert Musumeci and Emanuel Cuschieri. Do they still think [...]

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