Der Spiegel: Malta emerges as the EU’s next problem child.

2019-12-08T22:15:07+01:00Sun, 8th Dec '19, 22:15|

Germany's top news magazine and probably Europe's number 1, Der Spiegel published an in depth feature on the state of play in Malta. It is available in English here. This is a short quote: "It's not particularly easy to speak with the Maltese about politics. The political camps in the country, which spent 150 years [...]

GUEST POST: Of pacts with the devil

2019-12-08T08:21:05+01:00Sun, 8th Dec '19, 08:21|

Let's see if we're getting this one, right. When I last checked, 26 members of Labour's parliamentary group had endorsed Chris Fearne's bid to become Labour's next leader. With that kind of support, barely a few hours into announcing his candidature, the remaining parliamentarian were likely to follow suit, with MPs unanimously supporting his bid. [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The day after

2019-12-08T08:15:01+01:00Sun, 8th Dec '19, 08:15|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Daphne was swept away challenging our partisan dogmas. She was killed because our institutions failed in their mission of standing on the side of law rather than raw power. She was assassinated because the acid river of dirty money would not deign to flow around the resistance [...]

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