Wet soldier

2019-12-14T16:03:45+01:00Sat, 14th Dec '19, 15:47|

Photo: Paul Borg Olivier Joseph Muscat does not want us to be wondering why Keith Schembri can pass secret intelligence to wanted murderers and get away with it. He does not want us to ask why Konrad Mizzi, forced to resign over the Panama/17 Black scandal, has not yet been questioned by the [...]

No permit is needed

2019-12-14T16:10:42+01:00Sat, 14th Dec '19, 15:09|

The police issued a notice saying the the people gathered in Valletta marking the 45th anniversary of Malta becoming a Republic were not covered by a police permit. As a person who grew up in Valletta, Republic Street was alway lined with barriers on Republic Day (and other events of national importance) to allow the [...]

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