The times ahead

2019-12-20T08:35:17+01:00Thu, 19th Dec '19, 17:06|

The current state of play is truly disconcerting. Keith Schembri remains free in spite of the fact that his contortions on the witness stand fool no one, except it would seem, the entire police force. His excuses are childish. ‘I was reading and did not know I was supposed to be in court.’ ‘I lost [...]

MONEY MAGAZINE: The banker who came from Iran

2019-12-19T16:12:52+01:00Thu, 19th Dec '19, 16:12|

My piece in this month's edition of the Money Magazine.   Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad is a household name in Malta. It was not always so. When he walked into the finance minister’s office in 2012 he was unknown. And he would remain largely anonymous outside the corridors of power until much later. Mr Nejad [...]

GUEST POST: This is not a time for national unity

2019-12-19T11:08:36+01:00Thu, 19th Dec '19, 11:08|

This is a time for people to walk the talk and show us where they stand. The last month has been filled with shocking revelations clearly implicating that Joseph Muscat's Chief of Staff and most trusted advisor, Keith Schembri was fully aware and directly involved in the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. That's right, [...]

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