Why it’s significant that independent media back tomorrow’s protest

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https://youtu.be/ibzQlPIf7EE   The Times of Malta, The Malta Independent, Malta Today, The Shift News and Lovin Malta have all editorially announced they back tomorrow's civil society protest in Valletta. This is significant. This is important. The truth about Daphne Caruana Galizia's killing has emerged thanks to the work of journalists working in all those organisations. [...]

GUEST POST: The revolution of women

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“Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad.” What follows is my attempt to discern the music, and to share my experience of its melody. An Apology for Myth At times of great importance, our minds will work in myth. This is a truth that psychotherapists of the depth tradition begun by Carl [...]


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The antonym for Invictus, the word that the Kink has vain-gloriously had tattooed on his arm, is Victus – loser. Victus has been snubbed by the majority of the members of his cabinet who are pressing him to resign sooner rather than later. They seek to elect a leader who we hope will get rid [...]

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