GUEST POST: Reflections on righteousness

2019-12-28T17:29:27+01:00Sat, 28th Dec '19, 17:29|

Labour’s leadership hopefuls are busy letting us have the benefit of their wisdom about everything under the sun.  They carefully calibrate their sublime utterances with an eye to the electorate that will be elevating them or casting them out into the wilderness, where there will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Or some such [...]

GUEST POST: What next?

2019-12-28T12:01:08+01:00Sat, 28th Dec '19, 11:48|

The forces of decency are slow to anger, but if you do manage to piss them off their power is awesome to behold. Despite the grim, continued bleakness of our current national crisis it has at least been gratifying to see the old, the young, the ‘I-don’t-care-about-politics-but-this-is-too-much’ brigade, all expressing their anger at the corruption [...]

GUEST POST: The long tortuous road to Malta’s recovery.

2019-12-28T10:27:45+01:00Sat, 28th Dec '19, 10:27|

On the 19th December the Slovakian Republic began the process of healing itself after the cold blooded double murder of Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend in 2018. The court case against the murderers and the mastermind who ordered it and the ministers involved begins. Listening to the commentators both from within Slovakia and from outside [...]

Where are the leaders?

2019-12-28T10:02:06+01:00Sat, 28th Dec '19, 10:02|

If there’s to be change, we must perceive the difference. What the crooks have done to Malta over the past 6 years is a horrible crime against our history, the respect we used to enjoy in the rest of the world, our own self-awareness as a nation and a society ‘based on work’ rather than [...]

This is not justice. 5 January we protest again.

2020-01-03T10:14:35+01:00Sat, 28th Dec '19, 09:16|

In a statement this morning Repubblika, #occupyjustice and this website said they were angry and deeply concerned about what is going on in this country. It is clear to everyone that this pretence that everything is normal is really a cover-up for the institutional collapse of our democracy. The country needs a new vision for [...]


2019-12-28T10:02:45+01:00Sat, 28th Dec '19, 09:06|

‘Provocation’ is a word cowards use. They resort to it when they run out of any reasonable argument and they’re getting ready to respond with violence instead. When there is no longer an excuse to twist facts and make the insane look reasonable, they place a deposit in the advanced justification of the punches they [...]

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