Something beginning with ‘a’

2021-12-03T09:17:25+01:00Fri, 3rd Dec '21, 09:17|

I have written here a few times about the disturbing trend of aspiring politicians going into strategic marriages to marry a spouse with a surname beginning with the letter ‘a’ just so they can adopt their spouse’s family name and climb to the top of the ballot sheet. The technical term for declaring voting indifference [...]

Do it again, Joe

2021-12-03T10:49:00+01:00Fri, 3rd Dec '21, 08:43|

Right on cue Joseph Muscat protested that it was Christian Grima’s fault that he did not show up to back up his claim that he had been libelled by the suggestion that he “blew up Daphne”. The man practically invented the hollow excuse that has since become a tiktok trend. Er, sorry your honour, I [...]

His reputation just got worse

2021-12-02T12:11:16+01:00Thu, 2nd Dec '21, 12:09|

Joseph Muscat will try to spin himself out of this because he’s spun himself out of much worse. But not showing up to argue in the libel suit he filed against Christian Grima and having his case thrown out as a result is simply an implicit admission that he does not fancy his chances arguing [...]


2021-12-01T11:51:39+01:00Wed, 1st Dec '21, 11:51|

I found the interview prison psychologist Gail Debono gave Malta Today’s Raphael Vassallo disturbing reading. A couple of brief disclaimers out of the way first. This interview was timely and the questions asked pertinent. After the episode when a man was urged to jump off a bastion by onlookers filming tiktoks, instant psychologists sprouted everywhere [...]

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