The Degiorgios go down

2022-10-14T18:47:40+02:00Fri, 14th Oct '22, 18:47|

When we came back from lunch at around 3pm, George Degiorgio leaned across the dock to whisper in the ears of his lawyers. This morning, he had derided his legal aid lawyers, saying they were poorly prepared and they couldn’t represent him and his brother. Now he was speaking to them in a gentler tone. [...]

Trial in the clouds

2022-10-14T10:49:37+02:00Fri, 14th Oct '22, 10:49|

The criminal court has just completed the painful process of selecting from around 180 people drawn by lot, 14 citizens, picked to serve justice as jurors in the trial of brothers George and Alfred Degiorgio. They stand accused of killing Daphne Caruana Galizia 5 years ago less 2 days. The Degiorgios have come up with [...]

University social wellbeing faculty marks 5 years since Daphne’s assassination

2022-10-14T08:37:57+02:00Fri, 14th Oct '22, 08:37|

This is a statement issued today by Dean Andrew Azzopardi together with the senior academic staff of the University's Faculty of Social Wellbeing. Remembering Daphne – 5 years down the line What happened five years ago was not only a heinous crime committed against a journalist but also a crime against democracy and social cohesion that tore [...]

Temporary reprieve

2022-10-14T07:46:59+02:00Fri, 14th Oct '22, 07:46|

After days of ignoring calls for consultation, Robert Abela appears to have recognised it is of no benefit to him to be seen to rush through so-called reforms to protect journalists without ever speaking to journalists about it. The institute of journalists, IĠM, has secured a reprieve, a postponement of the adoption of the flimsy [...]

Anger management

2022-10-14T07:04:04+02:00Fri, 14th Oct '22, 07:04|

The Gozo court yesterday handed down a two-year suspended sentence to a 37-year-old man from Qormi I had the displeasure of meeting earlier this year. He harangued me in the street in the presence of my wife, my daughter, and her friend, and not having had his fill of hatred he looked up my phone [...]

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