This thing with the declaration of assets

2022-10-26T09:13:01+02:00Wed, 26th Oct '22, 09:13|

Read here a rundown of the declaration of assets of ministers and parliamentary secretaries if you’re interested in the details. I’m just going to make a few remarks. Firstly, these declarations are embarrassingly amateurish. They are filled out half-heartedly but the worst thing about them is that they’re filled out inconsistently. Inconsistency is not a [...]

Apology and thanks

2022-10-26T09:09:29+02:00Wed, 26th Oct '22, 09:09|

Before I roll out today’s posts, I want to apologise for my relative silence. After the rush of the October events, it was my turn to go down with the flu. As you might expect I will upgrade any diagnosis by a licensed doctor to the dilapidating condition of ‘man cold’. And if that’s not [...]

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