This is a statement issued today by Dean Andrew Azzopardi together with the senior academic staff of the University’s Faculty of Social Wellbeing.

Remembering Daphne – 5 years down the line

What happened five years ago was not only a heinous crime committed against a journalist but also a crime against democracy and social cohesion that tore our society asunder.The assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia literally called into question the ability of the State to protect each and every one of its citizens. That dreadful 16th October of five years ago has challenged us every day since to re-think the way we value and manage our democracy.  It has shone a spotlight on the need to ensure that good governance is a top priority and that institutions should be well equipped to deliver it.

As Dean, Deputy Deans and Heads of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing we will keep on calling out the injustices that hurt our communities. We will continue to stand up to be counted – through our academic activism, lecturing, scholarship and research against any and all dark forces. We will endeavour to contribute in our own way to ensure free speech, respectful dialogue, spaces for debate and opportunity for inquiry.

Daphne’s death should not be forgotten. As a Faculty community we are duty-bound to demand that justice prevails, that free speech is protected and that the cancel culture slowly spreading across our society is stopped in its tracks.

Dean – Deputy Deans  – Heads of Department