Star Comment: This one is for Alfred Sant

2022-10-20T14:15:57+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 14:15|

Comment by BERTIE beneath my earlier post informing that far-right German MEPs were the only other MEPs to vote with Malta's Labour MEPs against a motion calling for justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia and for impunity to end in Malta and after Alfred Sant's speech at that debate where he described without naming Repubblika as [...]

We keep ignoring this at our peril

2022-10-20T13:48:29+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 13:48|

I’m not saying this because Raphael Vassallo said the opposite just yesterday. I don’t design my opinions around the misanthropy and jaded contrariness of someone whose religious maxim appears to amount to ‘I don’t care’. I wouldn’t call them reasons, but if what you want is some guidance on how to stop worrying and love [...]

4 Malta Labour and 6 fascist Germans only MEPs against call for end of impunity in Malta

2022-10-20T13:32:07+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 13:24|

Malta’s four Labour MEPs struck a lonely chord again at today’s European Parliamentary vote alone in their socialist party to vote against a resolution marking 5 years since the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia and calling for impunity for Joseph Muscat and his cronies to end. The only other 6 MEPs to vote against the [...]

We’ll get there: Protest this Sunday

2022-10-26T09:16:10+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 10:53|

Statement by Repubblika, #occupyjustice, and We'll get there: Protest for Justice and Change There is a group of people in our country that do not want us to get there. They are scared of justice. They are doing all they can to resist change. We are determined to get there. And we will. Repubblika's [...]

This is bloody Dickensian

2022-10-20T10:20:27+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 10:20|

Are we supposed to go all aaaawwww and gawp at the cutesy generosity of Minister Michael Falzon? He launched yesterday the 10th edition of a charity event where donors pay to fulfil a child’s dream. But hear me out. This is not some NGO scraping money together to make up for gaps in social welfare. [...]

Scottish PEN’s vigil for Daphne

2022-10-20T10:48:05+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 09:44|

The following is a speech given by Lizzie Eldridge at a vigil held at the Scottish Parliament by Scottish PEN last Sunday. Joyce McMillan (NUJ Scotland), Richard Leonard MSP, Lizzie Eldridge (Scottish PEN), Nik Williams (Index on Censorship), Ricky Monahan Brown (President of Scottish PEN), Nick McGowan-Lowe (NUJ Scotland) Thank you for coming here [...]

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