Archaeology of futility

2022-10-19T15:36:33+02:00Wed, 19th Oct '22, 15:36|

This morning’s decision is obviously very important for Repubblika. It’s not a battle we wanted to fight, nor did we expect to have to fight it. The decision comes on top of layers and layers of piled up injustices the victims of which are not Robert Aquilina or Jason Azzopardi or the committee or the [...]

Court orders Magistrate Nadine Lia off Repubblika’s Pilatus case

2022-10-19T11:16:01+02:00Wed, 19th Oct '22, 11:35|

Judge Ian Spiteri Bailey handed down a rare order for Repubblika’s proceedings in the magistrates court challenging police chief Angelo Gafà for failing to prosecute the owner and directors of the defunct Pilatus Bank to move to a different magistrate. Interim measures on claims on grounds of fair hearing are rarely given as acknowledged by [...]

The Psailas continue “focusing on their profession” on the public payroll

2022-10-19T09:06:38+02:00Wed, 19th Oct '22, 09:06|

Just six months ago Frank Psaila and Alessia Psaila Zammit were members of the PN’s executive committee. He was a failed candidate for the European Parliament. She was a councillor in Siġġiewi. Immediately after the last election result they called it quits and said they would focus on their personal careers rather than continue their [...]

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