Joseph and Michelle Muscat went to a church in Rabat yesterday. Mid-week mass may be unusual for some but not for our former first couple. It’s unclear from the pictures whether they were wearing North Face, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton. No matter the clothes their place in paradise is assured. They were welcomed yesterday in the bosom of the Lord and a piece of mumbo jumbo called the “Mega Brotherhood of Big Joe” (which I think is the translation of the Arċikonfraternità ta’ San Ġużepp). Joseph Muscat is now Fra (or is that Far?) Ġużepp, and Michelle Muscat is Sor Mixgħula.

I could wax melodramatic about the hypocrisy of it all but I would remind you all that the church is there for the sinners not just the saints. And in the spirit of brotherly love I’ll just thank heaven there’s a chapel in prison.

Perhaps ironically, these monks live in the same monastery where Daphne Caruana Galizia sought and was given shelter when she was being chased in the street by a mob of angry Josephites.