Nazism, even Maltese Nazism, must still be denounced

2023-04-12T19:05:49+02:00Wed, 12th Apr '23, 19:05|

Earlier today I walked past a branch of the Agenda bookshops and there on the Melitensia shelves I saw glare back at me a photo of Adolf Hitler. A new book with Adolf Hitler on its cover is not remarkable, though it will be a very good book that exceeds Ian Kershaw’s two-volume biography from [...]

Why do they do it?

2023-04-12T12:00:35+02:00Wed, 12th Apr '23, 12:00|

Under a post yesterday, I got this question from a reader. I thought I’d attempt a reply. Q: I understand you lived in Africa for a while, perhaps you could shed light upon this recent surge north? A: That’s like asking someone who has eaten carbonara a few times how to breed pigs for the [...]

Former rescue boat used by migrants escaping Libya

2023-04-12T09:00:50+02:00Wed, 12th Apr '23, 09:00|

A boat purchased by Maltese people after retiring from rescue operations in the Mediterranean has been towed by the Italian coast guard towards Catania carrying migrants that attempted the crossing from Libya. The boat, which is about 60 years old, was for some years operated by Sea Watch and Lifeline until 2020 when it was [...]

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