People should be running from the chief prosecutor. Instead, the chief prosecutor runs from people.

2023-04-19T15:55:39+02:00Wed, 19th Apr '23, 15:55|

Isn’t the sight of Victoria Buttigieg hiding behind hired hands and making a run for it when journalists wanted to ask her questions she had every reason to expect, the most representative picture of how utterly mediocre the government of this country is? Truly it must be asked, is there no one better than this? [...]

He forgets. We remember.

2023-04-19T11:10:15+02:00Wed, 19th Apr '23, 11:10|

Unlike Keith Schembri I wasn’t born a businessman. I never lived like one. And I’m not going to die like one. I respect the fact that he has talents I don’t. So do Roger Federer, Stephen Fry, and Rocco Siffredi. And yet with all of them I share basic human faculties. If they’re tickled, they laugh. [...]

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