Bosses of NBC, PBS: You gave a tax-payer-funded platform to Nazism and racial hatred. Resign!

2023-04-13T08:25:34+02:00Thu, 13th Apr '23, 08:25|

There’s simply no excuse for the Maltese state to fund, endorse, enable, and publicise an anti-semitic, Holocaust-excusing, Hitler-worshipping book. The author of “Mein Führer Adolf Hitler, L-Istorja u l-Bijografija” acknowledges and thanks the National Book Council. This does not prove in and of itself that the National Book Council funded this book. But did it? [...]

Muscat ally given top job by Italian government: Malta PM had introduced Scaroni to Yorgen Fenech

2023-04-13T08:04:50+02:00Thu, 13th Apr '23, 08:04|

Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia has secured a job for a close associate of the Milan magnate and scandal-ridden former prime minister in a marathon horse trading session between Italy’s coalition partners. Paolo Scaroni will chair the governing board of Enel, the Italian energy conglomarate in which the Italian state owns 23.6% of the shares. Scaroni [...]

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