Sense of occasion

2023-04-06T07:44:41+02:00Thu, 6th Apr '23, 07:44|

So now, rubbish bags carry the national emblem. This truly is a country with a strange sense of decorum. Understand that at law the use of the national emblem requires the written consent of the prime minister. “It shall not be lawful for any person to use for any purpose whatsoever, without the written authority [...]

Sliding doors

2023-04-06T07:39:07+02:00Thu, 6th Apr '23, 07:39|

Imagine for a moment that Rosianne Cutajar had been a PN, not Labour, politician. It’s not that hard. The PN has had its share of flamboyant characters caught with their hand in the till. Like her they ended up isolated from their party though unlike her it didn’t take so long, and it hadn’t gone [...]

Is this what is meant by standards?

2023-04-06T07:25:21+02:00Thu, 6th Apr '23, 07:25|

What a strange decision the debut oeuvre of the new Commissioner for Standards in Public Life was. Arnold Cassola, he the indefatigable conscience of our shady public affairs, complained that Clayton Bartolo ignored a request put to him in a Parliamentary question to provide details of the employment terms of a public official. The official [...]

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