Wanted: a human for a prime minister

2023-04-17T19:43:09+02:00Mon, 17th Apr '23, 19:43|

Picture: Times of Malta This is Jean Paul Sofia's mother speaking to the prime minister. Just look at him. I received this comment from a reader. He's so right: The way the PM spoke to Jean Paul Sofia's mother encapsulates all that is wrong with our politicians, our government, embodied in our PM: [...]

Culture wars

2023-04-17T14:40:59+02:00Mon, 17th Apr '23, 08:19|

Robert Abela mocked bloggers and book authors as unproductive timewasters, useless amateurs, and compared their futility with the importance of his work, creating jobs for the country. Not everyone can be prime minister. There’s only one at a time. If he is creating jobs – that’s a big if – then he’s doing what he’s [...]

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