THE SUNDAY TIMES: State of the nation

2023-04-23T08:03:44+02:00Sun, 23rd Apr '23, 08:03|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "They’re not worried. They’re serene. Just like Rosianne Cutajar. While they raped the national airline to exhaustion, they gave up half of our national health service to outside control. An American conglomerate is now using its patients as human shields, hostages, while it negotiates the most favourable [...]

Counterfactual Sant

2023-04-23T07:54:13+02:00Sun, 23rd Apr '23, 07:54|

Many voters today never knew a time when Maltese politics was enriched by the front-line participation of Alfred Sant. And the rest forget to be grateful that they no longer remember. His allegedly last hurrah yesterday on Andrew Azzopardi’s radio show was as pleasant as a premature exhumation. I’ll go through some of the more [...]

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