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GUEST POST: The weakling crook is holed up

2020-06-05T15:22:10+02:00Fri, 5th Jun '20, 15:19|

Practically nothing has changed since 12 January 2020. Joseph Muscat has lost his Castille office to his protégé Robert Abela. He resigned in shame as the most corrupt person for 2019. There really was no contest and Chris Fearne never had a chance. Robert Abela was Joseph’s anointed one. He was the chosen one for [...]

GUEST POST: No Christian

2020-06-02T09:35:50+02:00Tue, 2nd Jun '20, 09:35|

Forget it Christian. Resigning from Parliament will not absolve all the disreputable deals and actions you did over the past six years (and maybe even before). This is not like a confession with a priest forgiving all your sins so that you can start afresh, after saying five Holy Marys. Chris Cardona you still have [...]

GUEST POST: Forget it Bobby

2020-05-29T10:41:43+02:00Fri, 29th May '20, 10:41|

No Robert. You can forget it. Forget summer and your tan. Forget a holiday on some sandy beach with slow waves lapping the white sand in some exotic bay surrounded with tall palm trees. Your ‘extraordinary good success’ in eliminating the dreaded COVID-19 is done, though that should be attributed to the health professionals not [...]

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