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GUEST POST: On Adrian Delia

2020-07-16T08:44:51+02:00Thu, 16th Jul '20, 08:43|

In 2017, Adrian Delia came out of the blue to contest the leadership of the Nationalist Party. He was a good lawyer with  corporate clients and a former president of a football club. Nobody knew him. His campaign was aggressive and many thought that he could be the answer to the PN’s woes. Then Daphne [...]

GUEST POST: One big nightmare

2020-07-14T07:26:44+02:00Tue, 14th Jul '20, 07:26|

The worst nightmare is the nightmare that continues even when you wake up! – Mehmet Murat Ildan Late last Monday evening, President George Vella issued a statement. In it he said that although he had evidence that the majority of Nationalist Member of Parliament declared that they do not have confidence in the Leader of [...]

GUEST POST: This country is sickening sick

2020-07-10T15:45:23+02:00Fri, 10th Jul '20, 15:44|

The country is sick. It is sick because corruption has become the order of the day. Every deal, every project, is tainted with corruption for the few to make millions. Corrupt businessmen found fertile land in Joseph Muscat’s government and with a little effort they managed to rope in ministers. They promised to make them [...]

GUEST POST: Malta’s institutions work, says who?

2020-07-07T09:54:17+02:00Tue, 7th Jul '20, 09:54|

“Do not be negative. Our institutions are working.” That is the standard reply by the government, its trolls and apologists when one mentions or asks about corruption, money laundering and a host of other criminal activities by ministers, government officials and their friends we face every day. Outgoing Prime Minister Joseph Muscat used to insist [...]

GUEST POST: Enigmatic, we Maltese

2020-07-02T08:48:43+02:00Thu, 2nd Jul '20, 08:48|

We Maltese are peculiar, very odd people although God has been good to us. We go back to around 6,000 BC and we built the first free standing buildings in the world, more than 2,000 years before the Egyptians had even dreamt of the pyramids. Then in AD 60, destiny, or divine action, decided to [...]

GUEST POST: The rise and fall of a political star

2020-07-01T07:53:36+02:00Wed, 1st Jul '20, 07:53|

A bad government cannot only be called as a ‘bad’ government; the real adjective should be this: Enemy! Yes, bad government is a real enemy for the country it governs, an enemy within! - Mehmet Murat Ildan   At the beginning of 2011 few in Malta had heard of Konrad Mizzi. Before entering politics he [...]

GUEST POST: Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum

2020-06-30T07:39:40+02:00Tue, 30th Jun '20, 07:39|

Robert Abela, newly crowned Prime Minister of Malta, must be either a naïve, wet behind the ears politician or a scholar of Machiavelli’s political thoughts. He thinks that by kicking out of the Partit Laburista Chris Cardona and Konrad Mizzi all his troubles just faded away like an early mist when hit by the sun. [...]

GUEST POST: Primus inter pares

2020-06-24T12:06:44+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 12:06|

As a lawyer I’ve always been convinced in the rule of law, so having a strong rule of law comes natural for me. We will close the chapter on rule of law with success, not just by dealing with our current challenges, but also by being a leading example for other countries. - Robert Abela [...]

GUEST POST: What price corruption?

2020-06-22T10:28:32+02:00Tue, 23rd Jun '20, 10:27|

"Corruption is much more likely to flourish where democratic foundations are weak and, as we have seen in many countries, where undemocratic and populist politicians can use it to their advantage." – Delia Ferreira Rubio, Transparency International. A few months back, late in 2019, a relative of mine came from Canada to visit. He took [...]

GUEST POST: Mission impossible

2020-06-22T09:57:56+02:00Mon, 22nd Jun '20, 09:57|

It is no wonder that since 2013, the Nationalist Party did not make any inroads with the electorate. Survey after survey show the same pattern, with the Labour Party leading by an average of 25 percentage points. The latest one by The Sunday Times even shows that the actual leader Adrian Delia as the 4th [...]

GUEST POST: The island of impunity

2020-06-17T19:14:22+02:00Wed, 17th Jun '20, 10:28|

“What I fear most is power with impunity. I fear abuse of power, and the power to abuse.” - Isabel Allende Every time Labour is in government there is a common peculiarity. Malta becomes an island of impunity: individuals and or groups of individuals become untouchable, whatever their criminal or corrupt actions are. In the [...]

GUEST POST: A nest of vipers

2020-06-15T11:39:56+02:00Tue, 16th Jun '20, 11:36|

I apologise to Andrea Camilleri. But ‘a nest of vipers’ is how many describe the Office of the Prime Minister during the corrupt administration of Joseph Muscat, who gained the title of the most corrupt person of the year in 2019. Muscat will be remembered in history as the most corrupt prime minister Malta ever [...]

GUEST POST: Robert’s to-do list

2020-06-15T11:21:12+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 11:21|

You have to hand it to him. Since January, Robert Abela has been quite busy. You know, fighting the war against COVID-19 which he conquered easily. He had to address the nation from One TV and give press conferences which lasted hours. Then there were a number of photo opportunities like touching elbows with an [...]

GUEST POST: History is not written by trolls

2020-06-12T11:42:15+02:00Fri, 12th Jun '20, 11:42|

George Santayana in 1905 wrote that ‘those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ The quote was slightly changed in a speech by Winston Churchill to the House of Commons in 1948 when he said that ‘those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.’ History is not written [...]

GUEST POST: Ask no questions and hear no lies

2020-06-08T09:48:42+02:00Mon, 8th Jun '20, 09:48|

Chris Cardona has earlier this week been interviewed by Ivan Martin of The Times. I do not know if he paid for the interview as it is clear that the newspaper is trying to give the corrupt Deputy Leader of the Labour Party a helping hand. Now if there is a person in Malta who [...]

GUEST POST: The weakling crook is holed up

2020-06-05T15:22:10+02:00Fri, 5th Jun '20, 15:19|

Practically nothing has changed since 12 January 2020. Joseph Muscat has lost his Castille office to his protégé Robert Abela. He resigned in shame as the most corrupt person for 2019. There really was no contest and Chris Fearne never had a chance. Robert Abela was Joseph’s anointed one. He was the chosen one for [...]

GUEST POST: No Christian

2020-06-02T09:35:50+02:00Tue, 2nd Jun '20, 09:35|

Forget it Christian. Resigning from Parliament will not absolve all the disreputable deals and actions you did over the past six years (and maybe even before). This is not like a confession with a priest forgiving all your sins so that you can start afresh, after saying five Holy Marys. Chris Cardona you still have [...]

GUEST POST: Forget it Bobby

2020-05-29T10:41:43+02:00Fri, 29th May '20, 10:41|

No Robert. You can forget it. Forget summer and your tan. Forget a holiday on some sandy beach with slow waves lapping the white sand in some exotic bay surrounded with tall palm trees. Your ‘extraordinary good success’ in eliminating the dreaded COVID-19 is done, though that should be attributed to the health professionals not [...]

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