Forget it Christian. Resigning from Parliament will not absolve all the disreputable deals and actions you did over the past six years (and maybe even before). This is not like a confession with a priest forgiving all your sins so that you can start afresh, after saying five Holy Marys.

Chris Cardona you still have to answer to a number of wicked and corrupt deeds. Like when you appointed your PA Mario Azzopardi’s (another coincidence – I am getting uncomfortable with my surname) nephew, a wet behind the ears eighteen-year-old kif, as a director of a state-owned agency. The boy had no qualifications but he was a relative of your closest ally Mario, of the Pardi shop Birkirkara, selling designer suits for €59. That was gross, even for someone like you.

The “jekk ittuna bis-sejf aħna nagħtu lura bill-mannara” speech was another one of your many out of order comments.  But then you were vying for the post of deputy prime minister, weren’t you? So you had to sound bullish to the sheep in front of you and show your mettle to the delegates. You had to prove that you deserved the Che tattoo on your left shoulder.

Let us see your connections to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. There were meetings at a Siġġiewi bar where you met at least one person accused of planting and detonating the bomb that executed the journalist, one of your most aggressive critics.  There was a burned mobile phone found by the police underwater at Marsa with just one number in its memory – yours. Now that raised suspicions, didn’t it?

The anonymous letter, allegedly written by Keith Schembri, trying to pin the masterminding of Daphne’s murder on you. Why did Keith Schembri choose you of all the members of cabinet and MPs. There must have been a reason. Could it be that, while drinking yourself senseless at the Stables, you talked too much? And what about your sudden visit to hospital? Was Theuma lying about you under oath when he said you overdosed? File for libel. Go for it, Chris.

There was also the working weekend in a €6,000 a night hotel in Monaco, on the same weekend of the famous Formula 1 race. But to be fair that could have been a coincidence.

And the biggest of them all. Your visit to FKK Acapulco in Velbert during an official government visit to Germany. You went to have a threesome. People saw you there and heard saying “ħaqq alla kemm hu kiesaħ” referring to the cold water.

Daphne came out with the story. You know, helped by her famous network of international spies. A couple of days later that thorn of Mario Frendo from Net TV went in person to the brothel and sex workers there remembered your face.  Of course, like all you cowardly bastards, you filed libel suits against Daphne. That will take years and people will forget, you thought.

You even asked the court to freeze her assets, €46,000. That was the first time that someone, let alone a politician, resorted to that option. It didn’t do much harm because we quickly collected money for Daphne. The lawsuit started with you missing most of the sittings because of your heavy schedule. Then thunder struck. The Court accepted Daphne’s request to safeguard your mobile records. You panicked and you protested. Your protests were flatly turned down by the Court. What now? Through triangulation they could pin point your exact location on the day and hour. They could find out that you were not at the hotel, but you were having a good time at FKK Acapulco.

So your next move was to stop attending in court, time after time. Until the court dropped your case and forced you to pay all expenses.

Now that was naive of you Christian. Your phone records could have proved to all that you were indeed in Germany working hard to bring investments to Malta and not having threesomes in brothels. You could have cleared your name and proved that Daphne was a liar. But you did not. Not because you were innocent but because you were guilty as hell and the recording would have proved that you were having sex in a brothel. Shame on you Christian, shame on you. And with that name, you shame the religion.