Here’s Il-Kenniesa’s statement calling for the action this evening. If you’re coming — and you should — it would be a nice touch to bring a broom with you. It’s a new spring clean after all.

Demanding Resignation of Lawrence Cutajar

Following the arrest of Pilatus Bank owner, Ali Sadr Hashemi, in the US, we are taking yet another stand against Lawrence Cutajar, Police Commissioner for failure in protecting the people and our country against corruption.

He has failed to conduct proper investigations into Pilatus Bank; He has failed to protect the journalist who exposed their criminal activities; He has failed to conduct proper investigations and questioning into the real suspects linked to anti-corruption journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination. And, following Ali Sadr’s arrest in the US, we are left wondering where he is and what he’s doing right now to protect us.

On the 17th October 2017, 24 hours after Daphne’s assassination Il-Kenniesa started a petition for him to step down, sent to Minister of Home Affairs Michael Farrugia. With over 8,000 signatures, we were completely ignored by the people who are supposed to be the ones protecting us.

Lawrence Cutajar has failed us as a nation, he needs to go now.

We will be demanding his resignation tonight outside the Police Depot in Floriana, at 7pm.

Event link here.