Don’t let them intimidate you

Don’t let them intimidate you

Vitals Global Healthcare, that according to Minister Konrad Mizzi no longer owns three of our hospitals and according to itself is still considering whether to sell them, has today issued a warning to its employees:

‘Do not speak to the press. If the press speak to you, everything goes to head office. Do not answer questions. Do not respond to the media. Shut up’.

I am informed staff asked management why they felt this circular was necessary at this point and they were given the most contradictory, self-evidently untrue response possible: “it’s business as usual”.

Every management is entitled to expect its staff to comply with corporate communications rules. But in this time of apocalyptic crisis, the VGH management is not just revising its corporate policies. This is an odd time to be trimming the verge.

VGH have a lot to hide. Their employees may have at least some awareness of the details of the scam this nation has suffered at their hands and at the hands of the government that inflicted them on us.

I am not qualified to teach St Augustine. But our conscience tells us all that when one is aware of their bosses’ wrongdoing the right thing to do is to break communication rules that conceal that wrongdoing.

Do not be afraid.

Truth be told.

  • Patricia Mifsud

    A favourite quote of mine, attributed to Voltaire, but probably not his, goes something like this: To learn who rules over you, just tell me who you are not allowed to criticise.

    Whoever said this, it’s valid in any circumstances.

    • elektra

      It was something Kevin Strom, a neo Nazi had said on a programme of his. However it’s been since attributed, wrongly, to Voltaire.

  • canon

    Has Mr Albert Fenech, the cardiac surgeon accepted this kind of circular to shut up?

    • R Gatt

      Dak dahal f’basla baslun.

    • Beingpressed

      Josie Muscat Of St James Hospital nearly signed an agreement with these people but backed out at the last minute. He then went out for the Nationalist in the last election. This man surely can answer a few questions.

  • R Gatt

    Exactly Manuel. Otherwise once you know of a wrong doing and you don’t speak up, it becomes collusion. AND THATS A CRIME.

  • Dick Grech

    “Every management is entitled to expect its staff to comply with corporate communications rules.”

    I am sure you probably meant to include the word ‘reasonable” before the word “corporate”. For example, if management were to tell an employee to run the full length or Republic Street stark naked, I would guess that would probably be an unreasonable demand. Whilst I am not, of course, for one minute suggesting that VGH is anything other than a pukka blue-chip company, I do wonder whether, if it were not one and if it were in cahoots with a corrupt government, an employee would be perfectly entitled to tell management to stuff its corporation communications where the sun don’t shine.

  • av

    Shouldn’t this communication have come from the new owners?