The Leader of the Opposition made two nominations for people to sit on legal bodies that are required by law to include nominees of the Parliamentary minority.

Adrian Delia nominated John Rizzo to the Corruption Commission and Janice Chetcuti to the Resources and Environment Authority.

I will not go into the merits of the choices made.

If I did I would say John Rizzo is a brilliant and responsible choice. He is eminently qualified and has a record of personally fighting and beating corruption, successfully bringing to conviction a Chief Justice, no less. In spite of the corruption in his removal by a Labour government seeking to protect John Dalli from John Rizzo’s expert police work, John Rizzo is not an obvious Nationalist. If one must try to fit him in a tribe, rather the opposite. But he’s a consummate professional whose loyalty to truth thunders the fear of god in those he pursues.

Adrian Delia’s choice of John Rizzo is not only objectively good. It is also politically smart as refusing him would embarrass the government and accepting him would scare the bejesus out of them.

And if I had to comment about the choice of Janice Chetcuti I would remark that her CV shows experience in at least one relevant aspect of the business she’s being appointed to which shows a measure of aptitude to quickly learn the rest.

And I would contrast these nominations with Owen Bonnici’s recent choice of 21-year old Nicole Buttigieg to a judicial position when her only apparent qualification is her alleged ability to disarm PN spokesmen with her persistence. She did not need college education for her Super One job but she should need at least that to sit in judgement of other people. But she’s a tagħnalkoller, so that’s OK.

Alas the PN does not seem to have checked the laws governing the legal bodies they put their nominees forward for. John Rizzo was a civil servant in the last 10 years which rules him out of the position he’s nominated for. Janice Chectuti is a Local Councillor in Marsaxlokk which rules her out of the Resources and Environment Board.

At least this is my understanding of the laws.

Owen Bonnici is going to relish pointing out to the PN that the law excludes their nominees to the boards. They really should think these things through.